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More in Nintendo T-Shirts for men including Super Mario T-Shirts can be found via Nintendo's Design By Humans Shop. If you are not familiar with DBH! You can read more about the site and check Nintendo DBH store by visiting this link ---> DBH - Nintendo Store.

There are 650+ officially licensed Nintendo T-Shirts in their shop.

That's the good news...

Now about the Super Mario Bros Icon t-shirt with Japanese lettering...If you are specifically looking for that particular ble distressed design shirt, it is no longer available from my original source, but as always, I will be on the look out for it elsewhere. But again, there are 650+ Nintendo tees on DBH right now, so give them a visit and I'm 99.9% sure that you will bump in some tees that you love just as much as the now sold out Super Mario Bros Icon tee.

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