Rook Biggie Baby T-Shirt Biggie Smalls Men's Tee (Sold Out; Related Tees Available)

Be sure to check out the tees very similar to the Rook Biggie Baby Tee (posted below). The Biggie Smalls Biggie Baby T-Shirt for Men by Rook is now sold out. Again the good news is very similar tees are currently available and you can check them out down below. The Rook Baby Biggie tee  featured the album Ready to Die Baby graphic, underneath the graphic read IT WAS ALL A DREAM with the Rook Logo printed underneath the phrase.

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Rook Take Flight Black T-Shirt

The Update: October 2017 

The Take Flight tee by Rook was my very first Cool Tees blog post. It has been four years since the original post! As of now the tee is of course hard to find. If you are in need of this particular shirt be sure to check eBay regularly for it. As I update this post, there are two black Take Flight tees on eBay ( pre-owned condition only).

Also for more in Rook tees be sure to scroll below for related tees selected by me. Not too long after finding the black Take Flight tee I stumbled upon the design featured in more colors and styles, which included tanks and sweatshirts. Karmaloop also had this tee at one point.

 The graphic: This tee by Rook featured a winged sneaker graphic in an almost glowing sepia tone. More Styles and Colors: Rook Take Flight tees colored sneaker graphic, blue sneaker graphic. There were white tanks, gray tanks, black sweatshirts and more. I would love to find this one again in brand new condition.

 If you are need of The Take Flight Tee by Rook be sure to bookmark this page as I will update this post if/when the tee is found again.  I will also post closely related tees to the bottom of this post. So again, bookmark this page and check back often for the latest. Also feel free to email me directly and let me know that you are looking for this tee.

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Related Tee: The Wire Sneaker Tee

Here is another Rook tee featuring a sneaker graphic. This one is available, as of now, only in size small and medium. Colors: Blue (small) and Navy (medium). This will mostly likely disappear by the time I return to update this post.

As of today, 10/10/17! It is available but running out. So if you are looking for a good deal on a nice, sneaker graphic tee be sure to check this one out TODAY!
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