The DBH Building A Galaxy T-Shirt by Mathiole

* Sold Out * This shirt is no longer available.This has to be one of my top favorite t-shirt design so far, and I hope reprints will be done as I am interested in buying it. It features a smiling boy with a can of paint and all of his hard work trailing behind him in galaxy paint splash print. Love the color effect on this one. This t-shirt is by Mathiole. Will update here when/if reprinted. A related tee by the artist is available and linked below.

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The Collecting Wishes T-Shirt
Here is another tee actually closely related to the Building A Galaxy T-Shirt. It has been two years since I've come across the Building A Galaxy t-shirt and it is still my favorite DBH tee so far. If you like the Building A Galaxy tee be sure to check out this similar tee - The Collecting Wishes T-Shirt by the Same Artist - Mathiole. Available in styles for women and men including tanks hoodies and more.

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