USA Patriotic Wolf Flag T-Shirt by The Mountain

The patriotic tee by The Mountain featuring a three wolves graphic as a USA flag flys in the background is still available! Two color options via 1) black 2) blue. Sizes currently available as of 3/2020 - small - 5XL.  To view tee, for pricing and more info visit Amazon:

The USA Three Wolves Tee via

Star Wars Expressions of Vader Men's T-Shirt

The cool and funny Darth Vader men's t-shirt features a 3x3 grid with each square featuring Darth Vader and a titled expression ranging from happy to proud. There is no wonder here, as to just why his happy expression kinda looks like his sad expression, and yeah, his sleepy expression does look just like his confused expression, and so forth and so on, lol. This is an officially licensed Star War tee. Available in men sizes small-5Xl & 2X Tall. Related Star Wars t-shirts for men posted below.
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