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What are my pick so far in cool Abe Lincoln tees? And what is the status on the DBH Bad Lincoln Shotguns Tee? In this early month of May 2016, here is the quick scoop! The DBH Lincoln Shotgun tee is sold out. The good news is there are plenty of cool Abe Lincoln men's t-shirts and you can find them below.

* Before checking out the tees below I must disclose, if you make a purchase via any link within this post The Cool tees will receive a small commission. If you are looking for cool Abraham Lincoln t-shirts for men be sure to check out the tees below.

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This t-shirt features a cool looking Abe Lincoln with shotguns in hand. Available in men's sizes small - xxl. T-shirt by Dr Spazmo.

Again The Abe Lincoln Design By Humans T-Shirt is no longer available (if you are curious and just want to see it you can check it out via my Pinterest Men's Tees Board (linked below). I will update this page with my newest finds in cool Lincoln t-shirts for men.

Childhood Hero Ryu (Street Fighter) T-shirt

*Unavailable * This t-shirt features Ryu from the classic video game Street Fighter. The print of Ryu is designed in paint brush style. T-shirt by charlo.

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