R.I.P. AALIYAH (1979-2001) T-Shirt (Sold Out)

The Aaliyah Rum & Koke t-shirt is now unavailable.

The Rum & Koke tee pictured features an Aaliyah photo print on the front while the back reads Aaliyah 79 all in jersey style. Again unfortunately, at the time of this update this beautiful tribute tee by Rum & Koke is no longer available and the Rum and Koke shop is no longer live.

I believe there is a new Rum & Koke site being worked on but I am not really sure what is going on with the line and the website. I will stay on the look out for this tee and any new Rum & Koke news and update this page with any changes.  The last site link I had to the Rum & Koke Clothing: http://rumandkoke.bigcartel.com/ but as of now the site is basically invalid...

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