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Polar Bear Thin Hooded Sweatshirt Reverse Polarity (Unavailable)

The Polar Bear Sweatshirt is now unavailable.This hooded sweatshirt for women features an all over scenic print with a neat front graphic of a polar bear. As you can see he is sporting a polka dot hat, along with a matching bow tie, and umbrella. Also features gray band trim along hem and cuffs and a lined drawstring hood. Sweatshirt is not as thick as you would expect from a hoodie or sweatshirt, this hooded sweatshirt is thin and much more like a hooded long sleeve shirt. It is recommended that you order up from your usual size. There are plenty of reviews on this one so be sure to read through them before ordering. Women's size Small & Medium Only.

When Pigs Fly T-Shirt Make It Quixotic (Related Tee Available)

This pink t-shirt for women features a neat winged pig graphic. A cute reminder that some of those things that we desire, hope for, and keep in our fantasy will someday become a reality as soon as pigs fly! but there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming :) Reviewers report this tee as being small and fitted, so be sure to read through reviews (found through link below) as you may want to order up from your usual size.

If your looking for an adorable, cute pig t-shirt for women be sure to check out the tee below featuring a cute pig and donut with sprinkles! graphic.

Cutest Confection Tee

If you make a purchase via links within this post The Cool Tees will receive a small percentage of sales generated. Your continued support of this site is very much appreciated. - Crystal

Read Skull About It T-Shirt (Unavailable)

The Skull Newspaper style tee is now unavailable.This tee for women features an all-over newspaper style skull print graphic. Semi-sheer. Loose fit. Women's SM - XL.

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Sloth Empire State Building T-Shirt | Cool Women's Shirt

The ModSloth tee, while not currently available via ModCloth is available via Sharp Shirter's Amazon store and also available via Sharp Shirter's Etsy store. So if you are looking for cool sloth etsy women's tee or for this particular Slothzilla tee you can still find it currently available again via Etsy or Amazon, price is the same on both sites, at the time of this post update. The design is absolutely beautiful.

However, one thing to remain aware of before purchasing is the issue with size that has been reported on ModCloth and Amazon, some reported the fit as a bit snug, while some report the fit as just right. It is important to keep in mind, as far as I have notice that the Sharp Shirter women's tees are often fitted. So keep that and mind and read through reviews to determine the best fit for you. The back of the shirt is solid, blank white.

Also available is the Slothzilla men's tee, slothzilla shower curtains, and more.
Tap/Click Here to Browse All Available by Sharp Shirter via Amazon.

Women's Sloth T-Shirt via Etsy

Women's Sloth T-Shirt via Amazon

Men's Sloth T-Shirt via Etsy

Men's Sloth T-Shirt via Amazon 

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(again keep in mind Sharp Shirter's women tees tend to run in fitted sizes)

 Page Last Updated: 3/20/2016
This site is a participant in The Amazon Associate Program and other affiliate programs. If you make a purchase via links within this post The Cool Tees will receive a small commission. Your support of this site is very much appreciated. - Crystal

Man vs. Kangaroo Knockout T-Shirt

The cool man boxing kangaroo t-shirt for women is currently unavailable. I will update this page if I come across this tee back in stock and/or related t-shirts. This tee for women features a vintage style graphic of a man versus a kangaroo! As the man and kangaroo prepares to fight/box it out, the text under the man reads Challenger while the text under the kangaroo reads Champion. Semi-sheer. Women's S, M, & L.


Music Notes Birds Women's T-Shirt

Note to Self Top
This women's t-shirt combines soaring birds and music sheet graphic. The graphic as pictured is filled with notes, birds soaring, and birds perched on musical lines. Loose fit. As of 6/12/15 available in women's sizes small - 4X.

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If you make a purchase via links within this post The Cool Tees will receive a small percentage of sales generated. Your continued support of this site is very much appreciated. - Crystal

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