2019 Update: Nerdy By Nature T-Shirt for Women | Nerdy by Nature Shirts

Here is quick update of what is available and what's not:

Available: As of September 2019 there is a Nerdy by Nature tank available via Amazon.
It is a women's raceback tank available in heather gray. Again, you can it on Amazon. You can check it out by clicking here.

Now Unavailable: The Nerdy by Nature t-shirt via Modcloth.  If you could come across this one available elsewhere before I do, here are some important notes I made that you want to keep in mind...The tee is a comfortable loose fit one, and it features an all over eyelet design - intentional tiny holes all over the shirt, which most will not notice by just looking at the tee from a screen.

Your best bet if you are looking for similar tee is the Amazon Nerdy by Nature Tank linked above. Below are some of my related finds via the Design By Humans site. You can read more about Design By Humans by visiting: Design By Humans - "Who Is Design By Humans? "

via DBH - More in Cool Nerdy Tees

The following tees are available in multiple colors and multiple styles for men and women (sometimes juniors sizes, kid sizes available). If you see a design you like, click/tap on desired tee for pricing and more info. All tees open up in a new window.

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