Hipster Cat Wearing Glasses T-Shirts

Cool t-shirts for women featuring cat's wearing glasses are posted down below. The Ten Sixty Sherman tank featuring a large hipster kitty print, a loose, raw-edge design, while reading GEEK is now unavailable via Nordstrom. This particular tank was available in juniors plus sizes. Not sure if or when this tank will be in stock again. As I come across related tees I will be add those tees down below so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Related T-Shirt in Women's Sizes

COOL CAT - Womens T-Shirt
 Cat Glasses Red DBH Tee 

Hipster Cat - Womens T-Shirt
Hipster Cat DBH T-Shirt

Smart Cat - Womens T-Shirt
Smart Cat DBH T-Shirt

Pussy Cat - Womens T-Shirt
Pussy Cat (Cool Shades) DBH T-Shirt

Cat s Eye Sunglasses - Womens T-Shirt
Cat's Eye Sunglasses DBH T-Shirt

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