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Abe Lincoln Plays Saxophone T-Shirt | Cool Tees for Men

So as of May 2016, what are my latest and coolest finds in Abe Lincoln tees for men? Well no need to wonder as you can check below for an updated collection of all my favorite finds in Abe Lincoln tees.
The original post here written about year ago was on the Abe Lincoln Saxophone tee by Kid Dangerous.

Unfortunately that tee is now unavailable via Nordstroms which is where I first came across it.

* Before checking out the latest below it is important to inform you that if you make a purchase via links within this post The Cool Tees will receive a small commission. I selected all of these tees myself and most if not all are high rated. If you see a shirt you like simply tap/click the image for pricing, availability, and more info. All open in a new window.

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Here is another cool and funny Abe Lincoln t-shirt for men by Kid Dangerous! This time good old Honest Abe can be found posing with his sax for one of his album covers. Who knew?! Good old Abe a rockstar! I mean Abe Plays Guitar On One Shirt, Abe Plays Drums On THIS Shirt, Goes MJ Smooth Criminal On THIS Tee and now we find good ole' Abe playing the sax! This Abe Saxophone T-Shirt is by Kid Dangerous.

Again The Abe Lincoln Plays Saxophone Tee is Unavailable (if you curious and just want to see it you can check it out via my Pinterest Men's Tees Board (linked below). I will update this page with my newest finds in cool Lincoln t-shirts for men. I will of course also update this page if I come across the Lincoln Saxophone tee again.

True Religion Brand Jeans Los Angeles Sunset Men's T-Shirt Jersey

* Now Unavailable * If you are in need of a cool Los Angeles t-shirt for men be sure to check this one out! This True Religion 71 t-shirt for men features a front jersey style with a Downtown Los Angeles sunset background graphic. The back of this t-shirt is solid black. Slim fit tee by True Religion Brand Jeans.

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