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Aah good ole' Goosebumps! Goosebumps book were among my favorite books growing up as a 90s kid, so it was pretty cool to come across the Goosebumps Beware of the Monsters shirt. Okay, so let us get into the details and availability of the Goosebumps Men's Beware of Monster tee.

Goosebumps Beware of Monsters Tee via PacSun - No Longer Available

Goosebumps Beware of Monsters Tee via Amazon SM - 3XL

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 PacSun Goosebumps Men's Strapback Hat

Vans Cropped Hoodie | Cropped Hoodies for Women

Update: March 2019

I do have some good news and some bad news regarding the cropped Vans checkered hoodie. Good news: As of 3/31/19, I have found very similar hoodies and posted them below. The bad news: PacSun is now sold out on the checkered Vans hoodie, and Vans is now longer carrying it on their site/sold out. You all missed on a good deal, and nice checkered cropped hoodie. But again, I have found very similar hoodies, so check below for the latest. The Vans Cropped black hoodie featured black and white checkered patterns along the sleeve and inside of the hood.

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Vans Red and White Checkered Crop Hoodie 
via PacSun as of 3/13/19 Under $60

Pirate Boys T-Shirt | The Cool Pirate Tees

I found a pirate tee for boys that I am kind of loving a little bit more than the now unavailable pirate graphic Kid Dangerous t-shirt.  The Pirate Boys graphic tee by Kid Dangerous was found available via Nordstrom, and  it is now no longer available via Nordstrom. I will update this page if found elsewhere. But! Don't fret! as mentioned, I found another pirate tee that I really like. This is a Design By Humans tee by NLKart. Not only is it available in boys' sizing, but it also available in men, women, and other styles. Available in 1-2 colors (depending on style option).

Welcome Summer Boys Pirate T-Shirt via DBH $20

Ghost Ship Pirate Boys T-Shirt via DBH $20

 Hipster Pirate Boys T-Shirt via DBH $20

Bread N Butter Pirate Boys T-Shirt DBH $20

 Last Update: 3/31/19

Family Guy Peter Griffin Mugshot T-Shirt | Cool Sublimation T-Shirt

Hey Everyone! It's been awhile but I am back with a really cool Family Guy Tee. This time the epic Peter Griffin Chicken fight lead to the cops getting involved. The Peter Griffin two sided sublimation tee is still available. I bought the wrong one brand new from via their eBay store (direct link at the end of this post).

It's a really nice shirt, but again, I ordered the wrong Family Guy Mugshot shirt :( plus it is also a bit damaged (lower right, on his pants). I'm giving this away as a gift, but the tee I was expecting featured Peter mugshot on the front and the Chicken mugshot on the back (all links below). This particular t-shirt features Peter on the front and a blank back. The two sided print tee cost extra, but I wouldn't have mind paying extra for it.

Unavailable as 3/31/19 Update: One Sided Family Guy Peter Mugshot Sublimation T-Shirt (Pictured)

Via Amazon: Two Sided Family Guy Peter & Chicken Mugshot T-Shirt 

 If you purchase this tee you will find this sublimation sticker on the front:

Odd thread damage. I only noticed it a couple of hours ago (when I took all these pics). Hopefully this just an isolated incident. I bought the shirt on 3/9/18 and it arrived 3/20/18. I put the shirt away when it arrived and it has never been worn. 

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