A post said a particular item was available, but when I click the link I receive an error or sold out/out of stock page. Why! What happened?

This site was started about four years ago, so some post are really old. From this site's start, till today's date the post now stand at about 1,000 featured items. I'm usually constantly updating post, but during the last couple of years, I had two unexpected almost back to back occasions, where I was not able to update my site for about 6 months on both occasions (most recently from 9/2015 -3/2016).

So updates are behind ontop of behind. Now that I'm back, again, I'm  working on updating all of my post. I'm aware that some post are not updated, and I'm manually working on updating those now. I have two other related sites and again over 1,000 post to manually update. I should have The Cool Tees completely updated by the end of 4/2016. If you absolutely need an update on a particular tee or item, simply contact me and I'll  be glad to help you out.

How can I tell if you have updated a particular page?
A few years ago, I started adding last updated date to most  post. So simply scroll to the bottom of a desired post to check its last update.

 I welcome any questions you may have, so please feel free to ask.

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