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My name is Crystal. I am a college student with a passion for cool t-shirts! Via this blog I will be featuring my own personal t-shirt creations, but mainly I enjoy sharing my favorite finds from around the web. I also enjoy keeping you updated on tees that you may be be searching for. I know most of you found this site while looking for a particular tee, so I made it my mission to keep you all updated on the latest status on all tees featured here.This blog is now about six years old! And I had a similar blog before this one, so I have been doing this for a long time! And I enjoy what I do!

Life Happens...
I am the only person running this site and manually updating post. As of now, I have over 700+ post! I am a student, I have a job, and I am planning to move soon, so I do not always have time to update all the post. If you run into broken links, old info, etc I am aware of them, and I will eventually get to them. Even if I am not able to update those post, I usually temporarily disable pages to keep them out of the way.

The Deal on Completely Sold Out T-Shirts
As mentioned, I will do my hardest to keep you updated on the status of your favorite tees. In cases where a particular store/site has completely sold out on a tee, I will search for it elsewhere and update my findings here, and/or I will post similar tees that I think you might like. So I personally do all the searching and sorting so you don't have to. If you feel there is something that I can help you with please feel free to contact me via Twitter, Instagram, or email. I am real human being, so feel free to reach out.

The Material Connection
I am an independent affiliate for a majority of your favorite stores. I am not an employee of these companies and in no way, shape, or form represent them. These companies have granted me permission to link from this site to theirs via special links that they have made available to me. Via these links, these companies pay me a tiny commission if you make a purchase. I am also provided with exclusive coupon codes and deals, so if you need a particular code contact me, and I will look into what is available. You do not have to support this site via affiliate links. You can always visit the particular merchant directly. I usually tell you directly where you can find a particular item. Support is very much appreciated, but I completely respect a choice not to support this site.

How Is This Site Supported?
Most of all of our favorite merchant have affiliate programs, and through these programs I am paid a commission.As an independent contractor, I am paid a small commission when shirts and products from a particular merchant are purchased via links within this site. Some t-shirts I receive a tiny commission, and for some t-shirts, I am not affiliated with the company, and I do not receive anything at all. This site is also supported by Advertisements. Every purchase, helps support what I do, but again, this is not my full time job. Even with commissions here and there, I do not make much at all doing this, but I continue to post  because I enjoy sharing with all of you out there.  My favorite place to shop is Amazon, and I am sure many of you out there can say the same. Amazon is just one of the affiliate programs I have joined. Here is more about Amazon's affiliate associate program:

The Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

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If you would like to support this site right now, purchase any shirt on this site or feel free to shop Amazon via my referral/affiliate link below. Amazon will pay me commission if you shop via my link. It does not matter what you buy, a shirt, a book, snacks, anything you purchase via the link below will result in Amazon giving back to The Cool Tees. It does not cost you anything extra! Simply click the referral link below and shop as you normally do. Thank you!

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