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August 13, 2018

Pirate Boys T-Shirt | The Cool Pirate Tees

This pirate graphic tee is by Kid Dangerous! As of 8/13/18 this tee is in-stock via Nordstrom. It is available in Toddler and Little Boy sizes. I will add more in related tees soon, so be sure bookmark this page and check back for more in related neat tees perfect for back to school. At 40% off this tee is now available for under $15! Last update 8/13/18.

March 26, 2018

Family Guy Peter Griffin Mugshot T-Shirt | Cool Sublimation T-Shirt

Hey Everyone! It's been awhile but I am back with a really cool Family Guy Tee. This time the epic Peter Griffin Chicken fight lead to the cops getting involved. This cool Peter Griffin sublimation tee is still very much available. I bought mines brand new from AllPosters.com via their eBay store (direct link at the end of this post).

It's a really nice shirt but I ordered the wrong Family Guy Mugshot shirt :( plus it is also a bit damaged (lower right, on his pants). I'm giving this away as a gift, but the tee I was expecting featured Peter mugshot on the front and the Chicken mugshot on the back (all links below). This particular t-shirt features Peter on the front and a blank back. The two sided print tee cost extra but I wouldn't have mind paying extra for it.

AllPosters One Sided Family Guy Peter Mugshot Sublimation T-Shirt (Pictured)

AllPosters Two Sided Family Guy Peter & Chicken Mugshot T-Shirt 

 If you purchase this tee you will find this sublimation sticker on the front:

Odd thread damage. I only noticed it a couple of hours ago (when I took all these pics). Hopefully this just an isolated incident. I bought the shirt on 3/9/18 and it arrived 3/20/18. I put the shirt away when it arrived and it has never been worn. 

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September 15, 2015

Women's Pineapple Sneakers | Pineapple Keds | Shoes

10/12/17 - The Update!!!

The "fruity-ful" cool Keds are currently unavailable available via Amazon (this includes pineapple, orange, and raspberry). The watermelon Keds are available but I will not link to it as there is only one available and it will disappear by the time most of you reach this update.

Off and on, the blue pineapple Keds can be found on eBay, so it is best to check eBay if you are looking for the blue pineapple Keds. Although the shoes are no longer available, the exact same print can be found on the Keds bucket hat (linked below).

As always, I will keep this post updated with related sneakers and will post here if/when the pineapple Keds are found again.

This site is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and other affiliate programs. Under these programs The Cool Tees is paid a commission every time a purchase is made via a link(s) within this site.  If you visit a site via a link within this post and purchase something that site will pay The Cool Tees. Your support of The Cool Tees is very much appreciated! Please read the Disclosure Page for more info. - Crystal

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Women's Reversible Bucket Hat

Pineapple Print Bucket Hat via Amazon.com

September 14, 2015

Wolverine Glow In The Dark Scratches T-Shirt Adult Size

Be sure to check out my latest favorite Marvel Comic finds posted below. The Wolverine glow in the dark exclusive tee by ThinkGeek is now unavailable.  This was an adult size gray tee featuring glow in the dark Wolverine scratches going across it.

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August 20, 2015

Joelle James Song Lyric: Now Everything You Put Me Through She Done Did To You

*** Update *** The name of the song is Biggest Mistake!!! Joelle mentioned it on her Twitter. So it is not called Tell Me What It Feels Like, as some we're saying....

I saw a clip on Instagram of Chris Brown lip syncing a very hot song by Joelle James and featuring possibly Sevyn, but don't quote me as this is a very brand new unreleased song that I have only heard via Chris Brown's clip (the clip was also posted on Chris Brown's vine and you can watch the video below) and all you hear is a lyric from the song: Now everything you put me through she done did to you....There's not much info on this song as of now 8/20/2015, but I am sure we will be hearing more about it soon and I will update this page when more info is released about this song. In the meantime check out the clip:

Official Pages:

Chris Brown's Twitter
Chris Brown's Instagram

Joelle James Twitter
Joelle James Instagram

Sevyn's Twitter
Sevyn's Instagram

The Cool Tees Twitter 
For all my latest cool finds....

Also be sure to check out this throwback from Chris Brown's mixtape Boy In Detention. It's called Leave The Club and features Jolle James:

August 19, 2015

NWA Straight Outta Compton Men's T-Shirt 87 Jersey

The update! Be sure to check out the now available Eazy-E tee posted below. The NWA jersey t-shirt is now no longer available. This was a really nice sporty NWA tee that I came across via Spencer's. On the original date of the post (couple of years ago) I knew this particular tee would not last long. You missed out if you didn't grab it while it was available!

As always I will stay on the alert and update this post as I come across cool finds in NWA and Eazy-E tees. The jersey tee is my favorite NWA find so far. The back of the tee was solid black but the front featured an NWA logo and full print 87 jersey number as the text read Straight Outta Compton. Check below for my latest NWA and Eazy-E t-shirts.

The Eazy Does It Collab T-Shirt

Akomplice x David Flores x Ricky Powell - Eazy Does It - T-Shirt

This tee featuring an Eazy-E graphic is an Akomplice, David Flores, and Ricky Powell collaboration. As of today (12/18/16) this particular t-shirt is available in men's sizes medium, large, XL and 2XL via UGHH.

This site is a participant in The Underground Hip Hop Affiliate Program and other affiliate programs. The Cool Tees receives a commission for any purchase made via links within this post.  Your support of this site is very much appreciated! - Crystal

July 19, 2015

The Little Mermaid Sketch Juniors Racer Back Tank Top in Red

This Little Mermaid red racer back tank as pictured features a large full sublimation sketch print of Ariel. Official Disney juniors tank. (This tank is also available in white but in juniors plus sizes only you can view the juniors plus white tank by clicking here). More in juniors Disney tanks can be found below.

The Little Mermaid Red Tank

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