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August 12, 2013

Ecko Unltd Squad MMA T-Shirt

* Unavailable * This Ecko Unlimited t-shirt for men features a full, purposefully distressed MMA graphic print on the front, logo design on the right sleeve, and 72 printed on the left sleeve. Front of tee reads Ecko MMA UNLTD Glory 1972 Honor. 

Lil' Jon Okay T-Shirt by Filthy Dripped

* Unavailable * Features a nice size poster print of Lil' Jon and reads OKAY. T-Shirt by Filthy Dripped.

Eazy E Bandana Bomb T-Shirt

* Unavailable * Features an all-over front bandanna print and rap legend Eazy-E with a bomb in the air. The back of the tee features no printing and is simply solid blue. 


T-Shirt in Drakes Started From The Bottom Video

I was listening to Started From The Bottom by Drake as the video played on MTV while I was busy doind something. I usually do not watch blocks of videos, but I am up early and busy, not paying complete attention to the TV. and towards the end of the video I looked up and caught a glimpse of Drakes shirt which I thought was really nice.  I have seen the video before but never paid attention to what he was wearing.

After the video stop playing, I had to look the video up for the details of the shirt: He was wearing a black t-shirt that read Started From The Bottom in the lower right corner and featured a large owl print on the back, everything printed in a gold print. I found the tee available from a UK Company which seems to be connected with Drake in some way, but I am not yet familiar with the company. You can check the t-shirt out available here.

As it turns out,  Drake does have his own clothing line called OVO (October's Very Own). Lots of neat clothing featured in his shop, but I did not find that particular tee from the video in his store.

Check out Drake's OVO Shop:

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